Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation Gift

By Michelle Austin/ SPiT Shine

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

Using a new flower pot and saucer, I created a gift for my son’s teacher. I used three coats of Molly Red Pepper on the outside and White Ning on the inside so it looks like an apple. I sealed with Rustoleum Clear Gloss Spray.

Using my Cricut Explore, I cut a leaf out of card stock and attached it with a wooden knob to the top using AMAZING GOOP adhesive.  I also added her name to the front with vinyl.

To cover the hole in the bottom, I added a little vinyl surprise that will only be seen once the candy is gone.

An easy & quick gift that would be great any time of the year!

Custom Cuff Bracelets with Unicorn SPiT™ Gel Stain and Glaze

Custom Cuff Bracelets with Unicorn SPiT™ Gel Stain and Glaze

By Laurie Brennan of Laurie Brennan Creates

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I have been using Unicorn SPiT™ Gel stain and glaze for a couple of years now and my favorite discovery was learning how to customize items to fit my decor, or in this case wardrobe.  I am going to show you how I created bracelets to coordinate with my favorite outfits and existing jewelry with just a few materials.


I had purchased some aluminum cuff bracelet blanks from Etsy and felt that Unicorn SPiT™ would work perfectly with them. The cuffs are 11/4” thick and are adjustable.



I used all of the vibrant Unicorn SPiT™ colors in various bracelets. These 10 colors are highly pigmented and can also combine easily to create custom colors. They are water based, zero VOC and have a heavenly jasmine scent:

Although Unicorn SPiT™ is water based, it requires an oil based sealer so that the product will not be reactivated when top coated. The Unicorn SPiT™ dries to a chalky appearance but the top coat brings the vibrancy back to life…it’s like magic! I chose an oil based high gloss spray sealer for this project. I have used this product in the past and found that it did not yellow my lighter colors over time (as some oil based sealers will).

The only other materials I used were some chalk paint and Mod Podge I had on hand, rubbing alcohol, plastic wrap,a spray bottle containing water and a drinking straw (to manipulate the Unicorn SPiT™)


To prepare the bracelets for Unicorn SPiT™ application, I did a couple of easy steps. I first wiped down the bracelet with rubbing alcohol to make sure they were super clean and then I applied a base coat. I did some experimenting trying my techniques on a chalk paint base, Mod Podge base and straight on to the aluminum itself. I found I had the best results with the bracelets that were either chalk painted or Mod Podge first. The bracelet I tried on the straight aluminum did not adhere well. Here you see some base coat options I tried. I just used whatever I had laying around and I was not overly particular about coverage…..it was just to give the Unicorn SPiT™ something to adhere to that wasn’t a slick surface.


I am going to describe and illustrate a couple of technique I found worked particularly well. Use your imagination and play until you find a technique that you find pleasing. One technique that is often used with Unicorn SPiT™ is called the Stain Press technique. The steps for this technique involve randomly applying your Unicorn SPiT™ to the surface, spritzing with water and then covering with plastic wrap, manipulating the SPiT™ under the plastic wrap to blend and then lifting up the four corners of the wrap to reveal the blended Unicorn SPiT™ underneath. I follow this procedure up until I am removing the plastic wrap. I find if I just lift one side of the wrap and pull towards the other end, it gives a beautiful blending and transition of one color into the next. It pulls a little of each color through the other colors. Below I am illustrating the steps I used.

Another favorite technique I often use is with a drinking straw. I randomly add dots of Unicorn SPiT™ to my project, spritz with water and then blow all the colors around with the straw until I am happy with the results. You can keep adding color and water spray to get the movement and color placement to your satisfaction.

I also love doing little mini galaxies. The galaxies are achieved by doing a standard Stain Press technique (as described above) and then when the piece is dry, using a toothbrush to flick on “stars” before sealing.

Finished Pieces

As I previously mentioned, you can’t beat the ability of this product to create custom pieces of decor or fashion! The possibilities are endless.

Magnets with Unicorn SPiT™

Magnets with Unicorn SPiT™

By Shanda Wilson

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I found a bag of Mosaic Glass Gems and thought how cool they’d be with Unicorn SPiT™ and turn them into magnets.  

ArtMinds Mosaic Glass Gems,  Ceramic magnets (50 ct), Unicorn SPiT™ (colors of your choice), E600 glue, white copy paper, clear nail polish & rubbing alcohol.

Wipe each glass gem clean with rubbing alcohol.  Then add a few lines or drops to the flat side but not to much.   

You can expect some of the SPiT™ to leak out.  

Let them dry for a few minutes, then add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back.  Let dry then a drop of E6000 Glue and a small magnet.  Let them dry completely or overnight.

Here I did used Unicorn SPiT™ on the tops (round part ) of the glass gems.  

I put a few small drops of Unicorn SPiT™ on a piece of plastic wrap and rolled the glass gem on top.  Once it was dry, it dries cloudy, I brushed on clean nail polish to seal it.  Once it was dry, I flipped it over and glued on a magnet.  

Now I have new pretty magnets that are 100% unique.


Materials I used for this project:


  • Clear Mosaic Glass Gems by ArtMinds®

  • E6000® Amazing Crafting Glues Multipack
  • ProMAG® Round Ceramic Magnets
  • Unicorn SPiT™
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Mod Podge



Unicorn SPiT™ Simple Salt n Pepper Shakers

Unicorn SPiT™ Simple Salt n Pepper Shakers

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine.

This months project is a “back to the basics” Unicorn SPiT™ upgrade using just a few original colors! You can use any color combination you want for an awesome upgrade to your ordinary Salt and Pepper shakers. For this project I wanted to create an Ombré and taped off Diamond design to compliment and enhance this awesome color combination!

This set was an inexpensive clear glass set I bought for my demonstration but you could do this to any shakers, new and old of all textures and styles! The possibilities are endless with Unicorn SPiT™!

The materials I used were quite simple but helped to pack a punch in both color and design! I used four of the original Unicorn SPiT™ colors to include Blue Thunder, Zia Teal, White Ning, and Midnights Blackness.  I also used Rustoleum Silver Metallic spray paint, blue painters tape, scissors and various small paintbrushes and foam stencil dabbers. To top it off, I chose Rustoleum 2x Clear Glossy Spray Oil Based Finish.


I started this project by spray painting the salt-and-pepper shakers with two coats of the metallic silver spray paint.  Once dry, I cut thin strips of painters tape and aligned them in the design of my choosing.


I started at the bottom by applying the black and then mixing a little of the black-and-white to make gray. I then mixed a tiny bit of the gray with blue thunder and then applied the blue thunder above that. I continued with this Ombré Blending by mixing a little Blue Thunder with Zia Teal, and then blending the Zia up into the white. After that the plain white on up to the top. Once dry, I peeled the tape strips off and cleaned up any smudges with a moistened paint brush.


After I cleaned up all the edges, I took them outside and sprayed them with the 2x clear gloss spray for a nice shiny finish. I realized it might’ve been better to spray the poly before taking the tape strips off, so I painted another set to see which way would be better and I definitely liked spraying before removing the tape. If you spray the clear gloss before removing the tape, you need to make sure that your tape is well adhered so that the poly doesn’t stick your tape to the glass but I had no problem removing the tape with a nice clean result. Both ways work fine, it’s just a matter of preference. I definitely think next time I will do two coats of spit as well but I would imagine you could also do an even lighter coat for the Stained Glass effect.  Design possibilities are infinite with Unicorn SPiT™ and I love how you can take an ordinary household item and upgrade it to match an ever changing color scheme in your house.

This project was quick and easy yet gives the appearance of a custom high-end expensive salt-and-pepper shaker set! Definitely a great rainy day project or one that a group of people can get together and do for an awesome Unicorn SPiT™ party idea!






Perfect Pots and Planters

Perfect Pots and Planters

Refinishing drab fiberglass planters with Unicorn SPiT™

By Jenna Leigh Aldridge, Paisley Peacock Designs

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine.*

I have had these old, fiberglass planters hanging around for awhile now. We found these by the road on trash day. I finally decided to try to match them to my large, fire-glazed pots for my front steps. I turned to my Unicorn SPiT™ to get the job done.

First, I scrubbed these babies down with dish detergent to get all the grime off. Once the planter was completely dry, I spray painted them to give the Unicorn SPiT™ a good base to stick to. I used Flat White Rustoleum Spray Paint. I am a lazy primer so using flat spray paint is my go-to cheat to speed the process up so I can get to the fun stuff!

Pot 1.jpg

These fire-glazed pots were my inspiration. I love their serene blue-green the color. There were originally three different sizes. The smallest in set were both broken over time. I thought the rectangular planters would be a nice addition to the sets. There was not a Unicorn SPiT™ color that matched exactly so I started playing to get the color I was looking for. I ended up with a mix of about 50% Zia Teal, 25% Dragons Belly, and 25% white.

Pot 3.jpg

pot 5.jpg

I started brushing my mixture on with a small brush. I was really pleased with the color. I added more pure Zia Teal to give the flat areas dimension and highlight the details. I thought I had a really good match to my large pots. You have to seal Unicorn SPiT™ with and oil-based sealer. I chose Krylon Fusion Spray Sealer in a Glossy, Clear finish. It offers UV protection which is a good thing for this outdoor project. I tested the sealer on the backside of one of the planters. Unicorn SPiT™ has a tendency to “pop” when you add the sealer. These planters “popped” bright green. Before I sealed the rest of the planters, I brushed more pure Zia Teal over what I had previously painted. It reactivated the previous SPiT™ and blended beautifully to tone down the greens. If you still aren’t happy with the color you are getting, use water to remove what you previously painted. Unicorn SPiT™ is water-based so as long as you haven’t sealed it you can still move it around.

Pot Finish.jpg

Overall, I was very pleased with the finished product. It is not a perfect match, but a good compliment. Don’t be afraid to mix your Unicorn SPiT™ to make your own custom colors. There are so many existing colors to choose from it can be overwhelming. I have found that I end up with a lot drips and extra left over on some of my projects. Try to catch and save your drips and extras to reuse in your own unique blends.

Bohemian meets 70’s Tie Dye Art

Bohemian meets 70’s Tie Dye Art

By Cindi Carpenter/ Sweet Spitunias

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

            My Inspiration for this project was my love for everything Bohemian and especially Mandalas.  Oh and of course  being a product of the Hippy era with all the bright colors. So what better way of achieving that than with the use of Unicorn SPiT™ Vibrant colored Staining Gel.

       I began with a blank 16 x 20 inch canvas. I’m sure that if you’re familiar with Unicorn SPiT™ and the many ways of using it, then you know how to achieve the Stain Press technique. That’s where I started. I first sprayed water lightly onto the canvas so that the SPiT™ could be moved around. I had somewhat of a vision how I hoped it would look so I applied the SPiT™ toward the center of the canvas. I then sprayed a little more water and laid a piece of plastic over it (I used thin painter drop cloth). I sprayed some water on top of the plastic and using my hands I smeared the Unicorn SPiT™ to blend the colors inward. I had my husband help me lift the plastic off toward the center of the canvas. It was ok but not exactly what I was wanting. I let it dry a little and then using my favorite Cling On brush,  I blended the colors toward the middle to achieve a tie dye effect..

     When it was dry I used a piece of chalk to draw out my Mandala design, using a handy paper plate to make the circle. I went over it with a white paint pen then 3D fabric puff paint.


          After letting the 3D paint dry. I then I got out my bag of rhinestones and started playing. After arranging and rearranging until I thought it looked good enough I let it dry overnight. I sprayed with  polyurethane to seal it. I wanted the raised lines of the mandala to have more shine so I used Southern Blenders Metallic Powder in Spring Pearl to give it a really pretty pearly shine.  I used E6000 to glue them down.

        I found a frame at a second hand store, but needed an update.

I used Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG GEL STAiN in Dove’s Cry and sort of bounced the STAiN into the frame. I did two coats and it gave it a marble effect. I sprayed with sealer. I again took some Spring Pearl Southern Blenders powder and with my finger went over the inside edges where it looked like pearls and made them shiny.

I do think this was one of the funnest projects I’ve done. I can’t tell you enough how much SPARKLE and SHiNE this art piece has.



These are the products I used:

Scribbles Pop 3 Dimensional Fabric paint  

Unicorn SPiT™ Vibrantly Colored Gel STAiN in White Ning, Zia Teal, Purple Hill Majesty, Pixie Punk Pink and Lemon Yellow

Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG GEL STAiN in Dove’s Cry, Finchi Fran, Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Grace C Hummingbird

Southern Blenders Metallic Powder in Spring Pearl

Eclectic Inc E6000 Glue

Rustoleum 2X Clear Gloss


Cling On Brushes and Assorted Rhinestones