Custom Wooden Hangers with Unicorn SPiT


Custom Wooden Hangers with Unicorn SPiT


By Laurie Brennan of Laurie Brennan Creates

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I found some wooden hangers at a reasonable price and of course my first thought was “I could make those special with Unicorn SPiT!”. I had visions of  a wedding dress hanging from a beautiful hanger or thoughts of what a great gift it would make for a bridesmaid. It could be customized in any colour, embellished in many ways, or even monogrammed to personalize it. Everything in my house is fair game for Unicorn SPiT, but especially wooden items.

Unicorn SPiT gel stain and glaze is an extremely versatile product with all kinds of applications. On bare wood, it is a vibrant wood stain that allows the woodgrain to show through. Although my hangers were wood, they had a clear coat of varnish on them and I felt they would be very finicky to sand or strip (plus they did not have much graining to show through). I therefore decided to base coat my hangers in chalk paint and spray paint in colours that coordinated with my designs.

Unicorn SPiT comes in ten basic colours, but is super easy to mix for a myriad of other colour possibilities. It is a water based product, non-toxic, zero VOC and smells like Jasmine! Although it is a waterbed product, it requires an oil based sealer upon completion of your project.

Hanger One-Galaxy

For my first hanger, I wanted to try a galaxy, which has become my favourite thing to do with Unicorn SPiT. This hanger was base coated with a navy blue chalk paint. I did the stain press method for the first part of the design. I lightly sprayed my piece with water, placed my colours randomly and spritzed again. I find that I spray the light colours a little more generously with water so they will disperse more and become very “cloudy-like”. For this project I used Blue Thunder, Purple Hill Majesty, Pixie Punk Pink and Zia Teal (as well as some White Ning for the stars). After spraying with water, I applied a very thin sheet of plastic drop sheet (even plastic wrap will do) and then misted on top of that again with water. The reason for this misting is so your hands will glide over the plastic easily and help spread the colours underneath. I manipulated the colours that were under the plastic until I was happy with the look. Do not over blend as you want your colours not to “muddy” together too much. I lifted off the plastic and then flicked on some stars with White Ning and an old toothbrush. If you want your stars to have a cloudy appearance, apply them when your galaxy is still wet. If you would like your stars to be crisper, wait until your galaxy is completely dry before doing this step. I like to do some of each!

After my galaxy was completely dry, I applied several coats of oil based spray sealer to bring the colours back to life and protect them. I used the sealer on the right in the photo below. I also applied some crystal embellishments that I had on hand using E6000 Fabric-Fuse adhesive made by Eclectic Products.

Below is my galaxy hanger complete with crystal embellishments.

Hanger Two- Sunset colours

For my next hanger I wanted to use some vibrant sunset type colours and I wanted to try a different and easy technique. This hanger was base coated in a soft yellow chalk paint to start. For this technique I chose Lemon Kiss, Phoenix Fire and Pixie Punk Pink as my palette. I placed about a quarter sized dollop of each colour onto a piece of waxed paper. I then took a clean piece of wax paper and crumpled it up to apply the Unicorn SPiT and create a textured look at the same time. I dabbed into each puddle of Unicorn SPiT separately and then dabbed onto my hanger…it really couldn’t have been easier. Be careful again not to over work the colours when applying as you want each colour to be noticeable and not over blended.

Again I waited until my piece was fully dry and then applied my spray sealer and some crystal embellishments with my E6000 FabriFuse. The crystals I am using are called flat back crystals which I purchased on Etsy several years ago for jewelry making and come in every colour and size under the rainbow. Below is my completed Sunset hanger.

Hanger Three- Purple Ombre

I have always been fascinated by anything “ombre” and thought I would attempt a look with Purple Hill Majesty and White Ning in a gradual colour fade. I used very small mixing cups from the dollar store that were about 1 oz each. As you can see, I have barely covered the bottom of each cup, so I used very little product. In one cup I have straight White Ning and in another straight Purple Hill Majesty and two blends of those 2 colours in between. My hanger was base coated with white chalk paint. I painted on sections of each colour going from darkest at the bottom to lightest at the top. This was just to give me a rough idea of where I wanted my colours to start and stop.

When this was dry, I took my favourite brush (a Cling On!) and dampened it with water only…..not dripping wet, just damp. Since the Unicorn SPiT reactivates with water before it is sealed, I was easily able to blend one colour into the next in this way. I focused my damp brush just on softening the lines between colours. After dry I followed up again with my sealer and embellishments.

Hanger Four-Metallic gold

I don’t really have step by step photos for this one because it was hard to show the steps in photos (but it was super easy). I simply spray painted one of my hangers with gold paint and splattered on some colours. I splattered my colours by dipping a brush tip into the colour and then tapping my brush against a stir stick over top of my piece. It is a very random but fun process. The colours I chose were Zia Teal and Purple Hill Majesty as I feel they both look beautiful with gold. I sealed this hanger at the end, but didn’t apply any embellishments as I felt the metallic gold was enough “bling”.

Here is a photo of my completed Unicorn SPiT hangers. I had a blast making them and I hope my tutorial will inspire you to try it!

Laurie Brennan


Dolphin Mosaic on Canvas with Unicorn SPiT


Dolphin Mosaic on Canvas with Unicorn SPiT

by Laurie Brennan of

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I wanted to create a dolphin canvas using my Unicorn SPiT colours, but I wanted to mix it up a bit and have it look like a faux mosaic. Unicorn SPiT is a gel stain and glaze in one, but I have also used it like a paint. One of my favourite attributes of the product is the ability to easily mix custom colours for an endless palette! It is a water based product, easily mixable and requires an oil based sealer.


I started with a plain 12” X 12” canvas from Michael’s and roughly drew in my dolphin placement. I used several colours to simulate my “water” background…Blue Thunder, Zia Teal and a little Purple Hill Majesty. I just swiped the colours around and blended them slightly into each other, trying to achieve a choppy, wavelike background.  I blocked in the area of the dolphins with Zia Teal. I chose this colour as it would be the “grout lines” of my mosaic.

I wanted to do my dolphin mosaic in a combination of blue and purple, but I wanted my blue to be different from the background Blue Thunder so it would stand out more. I made a small mix (about a quarter ounce total) of mostly Blue Thunder with small amounts of Dragon’s Belly and Zia Teal mixed in (see below). I just added tiny bits of Unicorn SPiT until I got a colour I was happy with. For this teal I used about 1/2 Blue Thunder, 1/4 Dragon’s Belly and 1/4 Zia Teal. I also added a small amount of White Ning to my Purple Hill Majesty for a slightly lighter purple.

Now comes the fun part. I set out my 2 custom colour mixes and took a small square brush and started making my mosaic design. I started about an 1/8 from the edges on all sides to give the appearance of grout and spaced the painted tiles to show grout lines as well. I was not overly concerned about the tiles being exactly uniform in shape or spacing…..I was picturing it as a mosaic made with broken tile or pottery pieces that would not be perfect.

As you can see above, Unicorn SPiT dries chalky looking and a little duller than when it is wet. That is exactly how it should be and it’s how you know when it is ready to seal! You must seal with an oil based sealer so the water based product does not become reactivated. I chose a spray sealer in a satin finish (because I did not want my piece to be overly glossy). I had used this product before and it has never yellowed my lighter colours (which some oil based sealers will).

I applied 3 light coats of sealer allowing the recommended drying time between coats. As you can see, the Unicorn SPiT comes back to it’s beautiful vibrancy once sealed.

I have it now hanging on my wall to compliment my Unicorn SPiT conch shell (previous Hometalk post) for my little “beachy” area.

I hope you will find a way to transform this tutorial into a piece of art for yourself!

Laurie Brennan

My “Woman Cave” sign updated with Unicorn SPiT and Epoxy


Update on a Wooden sign with Unicorn Spit

My “Woman Cave” sign updated with Unicorn SPiT and Epoxy


By Laurie Crews Brennan of LaurieBrennanCreates

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I received a wooden sign to hang in my studio for Christmas. The sign said “Woman Cave” and I loved it, but being a lover of embellishments, I asked the person who gave it to me if they would be offended if I “jazzed it up” with Unicorn SPiT. Knowing me as they did, they told me they would expect nothing less. If you are not familiar with Unicorn SPiT, you are in for a treat once you try it and if you already use it, I hope I will inspire you to try some new techniques in your projects. Unicorn SPiT is a non-toxic, zero VOC wood stain/glaze that requires an oil based sealer. I find new ways to use it every day and it’s properties never cease to amaze me!

I felt that the bare wood on the routed letters and distressed edges would be enhanced with Unicorn SPiT and that the new SPARKLiNG STAiN would look beautiful over the existing black paint, so I set out to experiment. These are the products I used for this project. I Used regular Unicorn SPiT in White Ning and Pixie Punk Pink, SPARKLiNG STAiN in Flaming Rosie (first prototype which was a bright pink), Dove’s Cry, Finchi Fran (oops..I missed that in the pic) and Grace C. Hummingbird. I also used Pearl FX mica powder in silver and car metal flake in purple. Famowood 2 part epoxy Glazecoat was my topcoat of choice for it’s glasslike finish (used in a couple of ways in this project).

I started by painting a layer of my Flaming Rosie SPARKLiNG STAiN right over the whole sign. The prototype I have is a previous version which was bright pink, similar to the new version of Susi Flamingo. The sparkles showed up beautifully over the black and made the bare wood pop with a burst of colour.

I had an idea that I hadn’t tried before that I thought might work for this project. Famowood Glazecoat is a 2 part epoxy. You mix together equal parts of A and B for the recommended mixing time and then apply it to your piece. It gives you the equivalent of 70 coats of varnish and unparalleled shine and durability. I mixed up a small amount of Famowood Glazecoat (about and ounce and a half) and added about half a teaspoon of car metal flake to the mix. Car metal flake is what they use on the super sparkly paint jobs you see on some cars, but you could also use fine glitter or mica powder for the effect. I mixed my glitter into the clear epoxy and then used a syringe I had on hand to suck it up. I “injected” the purple sparkly epoxy into the routed letter areas. If I had a little overflow of the epoxy, I just wiped it back with a cotton pad of isopropyl alcohol and the uncured epoxy came off without removing my underlying pink SPiT (as long as I didn’t rub hard). I also cleaned out my syringe with alcohol as soon as I could so I didn’t end up with hardened epoxy in it.

I let my epoxy dry for a full 24 hours before continuing on with my next step. My next step was my favourite thing to do with Unicorn SPiT…a galaxy! I randomly squirted on various colours of this  case Dove’s Cry, White Ning, Pixie Punk Pink, Finchi Fran and Hummingbird. I spritzed with a light mist of plain water and then placed a thin sheet of plastic over top. I then spritzed with water again on top of the plastic (to make my hands glide across the surface) and began blending the colours into each other until I liked the look. Be careful not to over blend your colours or they will become one muddy mess. I removed the plastic sheet and added stars to my galaxy. I did this by mixing a very small amount of silver mica powder into a few drops of water and flicking the mixture on to my galaxy with an old toothbrush.

You can see that the epoxied letters became covered up with the Unicorn SPiT from my galaxy process. This was very easy to fix. Because the letters were already sealed with epoxy and the galaxy SPiT was not yet sealed, I was able to clean up the letters easily with a damp cotton swab. Be sure to do this step before proceeding on to the final sealer!

The project is now complete except for the final sealer. I again used Famowood Glazecoat in it’s natural state (no glitter mixed in). Famowood gives Unicorn SPiT an incredible 3D look, but if you do not want to take the leap into epoxy, any oil based sealer would work for this topcoat. I have placed my project up on cups so that the excess epoxy will run off and protected my work area well with plastic for this step.

After allowing the final epoxy coat to dry for a full 24 hours, my project is now complete and I am happy with the results. My sign now hangs proudly in my studio:

Here are the before and after shots. I hope you will give this versatile product a try!

Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation Gift

By Michelle Austin/ SPiT Shine

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

Using a new flower pot and saucer, I created a gift for my son’s teacher. I used three coats of Molly Red Pepper on the outside and White Ning on the inside so it looks like an apple. I sealed with Rustoleum Clear Gloss Spray.

Using my Cricut Explore, I cut a leaf out of card stock and attached it with a wooden knob to the top using AMAZING GOOP adhesive.  I also added her name to the front with vinyl.

To cover the hole in the bottom, I added a little vinyl surprise that will only be seen once the candy is gone.

An easy & quick gift that would be great any time of the year!

Custom Cuff Bracelets with Unicorn SPiT™ Gel Stain and Glaze

Custom Cuff Bracelets with Unicorn SPiT™ Gel Stain and Glaze

By Laurie Brennan of Laurie Brennan Creates

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I have been using Unicorn SPiT™ Gel stain and glaze for a couple of years now and my favorite discovery was learning how to customize items to fit my decor, or in this case wardrobe.  I am going to show you how I created bracelets to coordinate with my favorite outfits and existing jewelry with just a few materials.


I had purchased some aluminum cuff bracelet blanks from Etsy and felt that Unicorn SPiT™ would work perfectly with them. The cuffs are 11/4” thick and are adjustable.



I used all of the vibrant Unicorn SPiT™ colors in various bracelets. These 10 colors are highly pigmented and can also combine easily to create custom colors. They are water based, zero VOC and have a heavenly jasmine scent:

Although Unicorn SPiT™ is water based, it requires an oil based sealer so that the product will not be reactivated when top coated. The Unicorn SPiT™ dries to a chalky appearance but the top coat brings the vibrancy back to life…it’s like magic! I chose an oil based high gloss spray sealer for this project. I have used this product in the past and found that it did not yellow my lighter colors over time (as some oil based sealers will).

The only other materials I used were some chalk paint and Mod Podge I had on hand, rubbing alcohol, plastic wrap,a spray bottle containing water and a drinking straw (to manipulate the Unicorn SPiT™)


To prepare the bracelets for Unicorn SPiT™ application, I did a couple of easy steps. I first wiped down the bracelet with rubbing alcohol to make sure they were super clean and then I applied a base coat. I did some experimenting trying my techniques on a chalk paint base, Mod Podge base and straight on to the aluminum itself. I found I had the best results with the bracelets that were either chalk painted or Mod Podge first. The bracelet I tried on the straight aluminum did not adhere well. Here you see some base coat options I tried. I just used whatever I had laying around and I was not overly particular about coverage… was just to give the Unicorn SPiT™ something to adhere to that wasn’t a slick surface.


I am going to describe and illustrate a couple of technique I found worked particularly well. Use your imagination and play until you find a technique that you find pleasing. One technique that is often used with Unicorn SPiT™ is called the Stain Press technique. The steps for this technique involve randomly applying your Unicorn SPiT™ to the surface, spritzing with water and then covering with plastic wrap, manipulating the SPiT™ under the plastic wrap to blend and then lifting up the four corners of the wrap to reveal the blended Unicorn SPiT™ underneath. I follow this procedure up until I am removing the plastic wrap. I find if I just lift one side of the wrap and pull towards the other end, it gives a beautiful blending and transition of one color into the next. It pulls a little of each color through the other colors. Below I am illustrating the steps I used.

Another favorite technique I often use is with a drinking straw. I randomly add dots of Unicorn SPiT™ to my project, spritz with water and then blow all the colors around with the straw until I am happy with the results. You can keep adding color and water spray to get the movement and color placement to your satisfaction.

I also love doing little mini galaxies. The galaxies are achieved by doing a standard Stain Press technique (as described above) and then when the piece is dry, using a toothbrush to flick on “stars” before sealing.

Finished Pieces

As I previously mentioned, you can’t beat the ability of this product to create custom pieces of decor or fashion! The possibilities are endless.

Magnets with Unicorn SPiT™

Magnets with Unicorn SPiT™

By Shanda Wilson

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

I found a bag of Mosaic Glass Gems and thought how cool they’d be with Unicorn SPiT™ and turn them into magnets.  

ArtMinds Mosaic Glass Gems,  Ceramic magnets (50 ct), Unicorn SPiT™ (colors of your choice), E600 glue, white copy paper, clear nail polish & rubbing alcohol.

Wipe each glass gem clean with rubbing alcohol.  Then add a few lines or drops to the flat side but not to much.   

You can expect some of the SPiT™ to leak out.  

Let them dry for a few minutes, then add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back.  Let dry then a drop of E6000 Glue and a small magnet.  Let them dry completely or overnight.

Here I did used Unicorn SPiT™ on the tops (round part ) of the glass gems.  

I put a few small drops of Unicorn SPiT™ on a piece of plastic wrap and rolled the glass gem on top.  Once it was dry, it dries cloudy, I brushed on clean nail polish to seal it.  Once it was dry, I flipped it over and glued on a magnet.  

Now I have new pretty magnets that are 100% unique.


Materials I used for this project:


  • Clear Mosaic Glass Gems by ArtMinds®

  • E6000® Amazing Crafting Glues Multipack
  • ProMAG® Round Ceramic Magnets
  • Unicorn SPiT™
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Mod Podge