Ready For The Beach

Ready For The Beach

By Cindi Carpenter / Sweet Spitunias

Time to Hit the Beach

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

             Since my old Beach bag has seen better days, it’s time for a new one. I figured that there has got to be a way to create my own, so off to Hobby Lobby I went. I found a nice size bag that would essentially hold all that I would need for a day in the sun, and it had this pretty pink trim. I thought it was a great start. Knowing that I wanted to customize it.  I took it home and got out my Unicorn SPiT™ Gel Stain & Glaze.


Choosing my Theme

                Wasn’t sure what to do at first but I knew I wanted it to be bright, colorful and beachy. I first taped it off where I didn’t want the SPiT™ to get on it. Then I diluted the SPiT™ about 50% and spray water onto the bag. I started at the bottom with Zia Teal and Blue Thunder. Squirting it up about half way. And using a lint free wet cloth I blended the colors to make sort of a watery image.

I wanted the top to be the colors of a sunset so I took Pixie Punk Pink and Phoenix Fire blending those together I then took White Ning and Lemon Kiss to make the Sun.

I loved the bright colors but me being me I wanted more for my bag. So I took a piece of chalk and drew out some beach designs and went over it with white craft acrylic paint.

After it had all dried I used Liquidtex Varnish to seal and enhance the colors…

Materials used for this project

  • Beach Bag  
  • Unicorn SPiT     
  • Liquidtex Varnish    


Peacock Stained Glass

Peacock Stained Glass

A Bird in the Glass

By Courtney Lummus

Choosing and Prepping the Glass

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

To start, this month I wanted to be a little different from painting a piece.  So instead, I wanted to try the stained glass technique the Michele did earlier last year with the koi fish.  So what did I choose to make? Why, a peacock of course!

I chose a small picture frame (the inset glass piece is only about 8”x10”) and started to clean the glass using your standard glass cleaner, such as Windex. After really cleaning the glass and making sure that all imperfections were gone from the surface, I used Mod Podge in High Gloss and covered BOTH sides of the glass in one coat. This made it so I could use the 3D paint on one side and it wouldn’t have any issues sticking to the glass and then I could SPiT™ the other side.

Dropping the Lines

I used Allure Dimensional 3D Paint for the faux leading on this piece, in black.  I created my own template for the piece from a picture of a peacock and simplified it quite a bit down into our base colors of SPiT™ and set up my boundaries for where the colors belonged. To trace down the design, I used lime green construction paper to have plenty of contrast between the Allure Paint and the pattern.  You can use any color paper though! I then traced the lines out. To make the leading lines as small as possible, I took a new dispenser cap end and used a needle to create a very small hole on the end.  Although I may end up with carpal tunnel after squeezing so hard on the bottle, the result was thinner, controlled lines.

Beginnings of Color Dropping

To start putting down color, I suggest painting on the back, behind the leading lines.  I had a little oops with my paint until I realized this.  Painting on the back leads to much cleaner lines in the finished product. I used White Ning on the white spots on the face, then started with the neck of the bird from the bottom up.  I layered Blue Thunder, White Ning, Zia Teal as well as Midnight’s Blackness to create definition and shading.  I used a small round brush through the entirety of the project and used u-shaped strokes to fill in the body. The frill along the top of the head is concentrated Purple Hill Majesty and Blue Thunder.

Beginning the Background

For the tail, I used a custom mix of Dragons Belly, Zia and White Ning to create a Patina like color. This I applied in broad, straight strokes originating from the body to look like feathers growing out from the body like the feathers do in real life.

The Eyes Have It

The eyes of the feathers were a combination of Zia, White Ning, Dragonsbelly and Blue Thunder to create a Navajo like color for the base. I had to remove some of the background tail color to make sure that I layered the eyes right, because unlike in painting, you have to paint backwards.  What you want to see through the glass must go on first, then you layer on top.  In the first two eyes, I got that confused, so I had to go back and pull that color out using a wet paper towel. The center pieces of the eyes were done in Blue Thunder, with the C shapes being in Purple Hill Majesty. I then played around with some strokes along the feathers in several colors like Zia, Dragonsbelly, Blue Thunder, and Purple Hill Majesty.


Lacquering and Finishing Touches

I spray lacquered the piece to seal it and protect the back from damage.  Then it was into the frame for finishing touches!

Perfect Pots and Planters

Perfect Pots and Planters

Refinishing drab fiberglass planters with Unicorn SPiT™

By Jenna Leigh Aldridge, Paisley Peacock Designs

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine.*

I have had these old, fiberglass planters hanging around for awhile now. We found these by the road on trash day. I finally decided to try to match them to my large, fire-glazed pots for my front steps. I turned to my Unicorn SPiT™ to get the job done.

First, I scrubbed these babies down with dish detergent to get all the grime off. Once the planter was completely dry, I spray painted them to give the Unicorn SPiT™ a good base to stick to. I used Flat White Rustoleum Spray Paint. I am a lazy primer so using flat spray paint is my go-to cheat to speed the process up so I can get to the fun stuff!

Pot 1.jpg

These fire-glazed pots were my inspiration. I love their serene blue-green the color. There were originally three different sizes. The smallest in set were both broken over time. I thought the rectangular planters would be a nice addition to the sets. There was not a Unicorn SPiT™ color that matched exactly so I started playing to get the color I was looking for. I ended up with a mix of about 50% Zia Teal, 25% Dragons Belly, and 25% white.

Pot 3.jpg

pot 5.jpg

I started brushing my mixture on with a small brush. I was really pleased with the color. I added more pure Zia Teal to give the flat areas dimension and highlight the details. I thought I had a really good match to my large pots. You have to seal Unicorn SPiT™ with and oil-based sealer. I chose Krylon Fusion Spray Sealer in a Glossy, Clear finish. It offers UV protection which is a good thing for this outdoor project. I tested the sealer on the backside of one of the planters. Unicorn SPiT™ has a tendency to “pop” when you add the sealer. These planters “popped” bright green. Before I sealed the rest of the planters, I brushed more pure Zia Teal over what I had previously painted. It reactivated the previous SPiT™ and blended beautifully to tone down the greens. If you still aren’t happy with the color you are getting, use water to remove what you previously painted. Unicorn SPiT™ is water-based so as long as you haven’t sealed it you can still move it around.

Pot Finish.jpg

Overall, I was very pleased with the finished product. It is not a perfect match, but a good compliment. Don’t be afraid to mix your Unicorn SPiT™ to make your own custom colors. There are so many existing colors to choose from it can be overwhelming. I have found that I end up with a lot drips and extra left over on some of my projects. Try to catch and save your drips and extras to reuse in your own unique blends.

Bohemian meets 70’s Tie Dye Art

Bohemian meets 70’s Tie Dye Art

By Cindi Carpenter/ Sweet Spitunias

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine. **

            My Inspiration for this project was my love for everything Bohemian and especially Mandalas.  Oh and of course  being a product of the Hippy era with all the bright colors. So what better way of achieving that than with the use of Unicorn SPiT™ Vibrant colored Staining Gel.

       I began with a blank 16 x 20 inch canvas. I’m sure that if you’re familiar with Unicorn SPiT™ and the many ways of using it, then you know how to achieve the Stain Press technique. That’s where I started. I first sprayed water lightly onto the canvas so that the SPiT™ could be moved around. I had somewhat of a vision how I hoped it would look so I applied the SPiT™ toward the center of the canvas. I then sprayed a little more water and laid a piece of plastic over it (I used thin painter drop cloth). I sprayed some water on top of the plastic and using my hands I smeared the Unicorn SPiT™ to blend the colors inward. I had my husband help me lift the plastic off toward the center of the canvas. It was ok but not exactly what I was wanting. I let it dry a little and then using my favorite Cling On brush,  I blended the colors toward the middle to achieve a tie dye effect..

     When it was dry I used a piece of chalk to draw out my Mandala design, using a handy paper plate to make the circle. I went over it with a white paint pen then 3D fabric puff paint.


          After letting the 3D paint dry. I then I got out my bag of rhinestones and started playing. After arranging and rearranging until I thought it looked good enough I let it dry overnight. I sprayed with  polyurethane to seal it. I wanted the raised lines of the mandala to have more shine so I used Southern Blenders Metallic Powder in Spring Pearl to give it a really pretty pearly shine.  I used E6000 to glue them down.

        I found a frame at a second hand store, but needed an update.

I used Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG GEL STAiN in Dove’s Cry and sort of bounced the STAiN into the frame. I did two coats and it gave it a marble effect. I sprayed with sealer. I again took some Spring Pearl Southern Blenders powder and with my finger went over the inside edges where it looked like pearls and made them shiny.

I do think this was one of the funnest projects I’ve done. I can’t tell you enough how much SPARKLE and SHiNE this art piece has.



These are the products I used:

Scribbles Pop 3 Dimensional Fabric paint  

Unicorn SPiT™ Vibrantly Colored Gel STAiN in White Ning, Zia Teal, Purple Hill Majesty, Pixie Punk Pink and Lemon Yellow

Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG GEL STAiN in Dove’s Cry, Finchi Fran, Rock Chalk Jayhawk and Grace C Hummingbird

Southern Blenders Metallic Powder in Spring Pearl

Eclectic Inc E6000 Glue

Rustoleum 2X Clear Gloss


Cling On Brushes and Assorted Rhinestones

Bachelor Chair Upcycle

Bachelor Chair Upcycle

Unicorn SPiT™ gives this chair new life.

By Jenna Leigh Aldridge

*This post is sponsored by Unicorn SPiT™, but all statements and opinions are mine.*

I have been lovingly referring to this chair (in all its stained glory) as “The Bachelor Chair”for a while now. My husband had it when I came along. It was super comfy. Even though the stains wouldn’t come out (no matter how hard I scrubbed), we just couldn’t part with it. I fell in love with these gorgeous Suzani chairs on Pinterest. I did not love the $1,500 price tag! I had seen a video where they used Unicorn SPiT™ on fabric by spraying it with a bottle, so I got to work.


I started by cleaning the chair.  I vacuumed and scrubbed to get as much grime off as possible. It had most recently been in our boys room so it had marker, dirt and all sorts of disturbing stains. This was as good as it was going to get so I moved on to the fun part!


I experimented on the back side of the cushion. I chose Rustic Reality, Zia Teal, Phoenix Fire, Molly Red Pepper, Lemon Kiss,and a mixture of Lemon Kiss, and Dragons Belly to get my lime color. I didn’t want to water my colors down too much, but I also didn’t want the SPiT™ to dry hard on the fabric or crack. I found, after some experimentation that the perfect consistency was watered down thin enough that it will roll around on your plate/bowl but not so thin that it drips off the brush. My best guess is that it is diluted by about 60%. I mixed mine in a plastic bowl. I experimented with a couple of different brushes and decided that my craft brushes gave me the coverage I was most happy with. The SPiT™ didn’t go on perfectly smooth but I was okay with that. I did find that the more damp the fabric was, the more even the SPiT™ applied. Keep your handy dandy spray bottle close to spray the fabric if needed.


I used my brush to draw my pattern on the fabric. My favorite SPiT™ characteristic is that you can easily fix mistakes by adding a little water to move or remove the SPiT™. This is true to a certain extent with the fabric. See those orange drips? I dampened the spot and removed most of the spot,only to realize it made some of the other colors run. Luckily, Rustic Reality covers up most colors well. After the “spot” dried, I continued applying my colors and adding to the pattern. Once I was finished, you couldn’t even see the oops spot anymore!


It took the chair about two days to completely dry. I sealed it with Scotchgaurd I found in the Automotive section. I live in a small town so my options were limited. One product what I searched high and low for was Neverwet also for car interiors but my search turned up nothing.

Overall, I was extremely please with the chair. I have used chalk paint on upholstery but I like the texture of the SPiT™ is much better. So far, it has proven to be extremely durable. No cracking, peeling, or flaking. Bonus, the upholstery is holding the delightful SPiT™ smell so you get a whiff every time you sit!

DIY Sparkling Mermaid Lingerie Chest

DIY Sparkling Mermaid Lingerie Chest

This blog was written and provided by Jen Burns:

This might be my favorite project ever. So much so that I had to fight my daughter about her trying to stash it in her room. I decided to go outside of my norm and and use a little inspiration from a paper I found through Rifle Paper Co. It’s gorgeous and the mermaids were my favorite. An amazing artist and friend had taken me under her wing showing me all the ins and out of blending and layering color. Maria Revollo is the creator and owner of M L Furniture Decor and teaches classes for her Bermuda Blending workshops. I knew I had to try this!

I prepped a vintage Henry Link lingerie chest by scrubbing down and doing a light sanding all over.

Then it was time to mix up a base color. Since this chest had laminate facing I needed a base color for my plan to work. I wanted a deep rich blue/green in a chalk/clay paint. CeCe Caldwell’s was my natural choice for this as it’s my favorite chalk/clay type paint.

I searched back over CeCe’s old posts for Mixology Monday until I found the perfect color…..Manteo Blue. It’s two parts Newport Navy to 1 part Thomasville Teal.

Once I had my base color I made up some sample boards with different colors of Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG Gel Stain. I had originally planned on starting my first try at Bermuda Blending with something simple using just a base color and one color blended on top. Somehow what I plan and what I end up doing never meet up.

Using the CeCe Caldwell’s Manteo Blue, I did a good solid base coat and lightly sanded with 400 after it was dry.

Next I grabbed Unicorn SPiT™ SPARKLiNG Gel Stain in Rock Chalk, Patina Peacock and Grace C Humming bird.

I gradually went over the entire piece blending the colors all over. I kept Patina Peacock as the focus color and used the other two to highlight and blend.

I scrubbed the hardware with a wire brush and barkeeper’s friend before spraying one good coat of Plutonium Spray Paints in the color 1st Place. Plutonium is a high grade automotive lacquer that goes on in one coat and is amazing for hardware!

Easy peasy! 

I carefully lined the sides of each drawer with the Mermaid pattern from Rifle Paper Co and spray adhesive. You can use something more permanent when doing the sides of drawers or do a dual spray on the paper/drawers allowing it to set 30 seconds before bonding.

I let everything dry overnight before doing a spray coat of Plutonium clear and then a few coats of Old Master’s satin.

The Sparkle is so gorgeous and I absolutely love how it turned out.

It was hard to part with, but it went to a new home by the water.

Materials I used for this project:

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Stay tuned for more from our guest bloggers on more Unicorn SPiT™ techniques and tricks!